Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mark CROUCHER One Of Life's Excrecences

Dear Reader,

Some time ago, in her predictably professional style, Barboo quoted from a previous
posting by Mark Croucher, on British Democracy Forum, proclaiming his assiduous
pursuit of those who are of interest to Searchlight.

He was not toiling alone, for Jim Carver
was doing likewise, and they were sharing their research with ‘Unite Against Fascism’. Mr Carver is now
a MEP, and it must be presumed that their work continues. They labour for the political
soul of this nation, and Mr Croucher is also a political adviser to UKIP.

Let us reflect on these issues. UKIP in the European Parliament work with numerous
people who would not be allowed to be members of UKIP in the United Kingdom. To
complicate the matter further, on more than one occasion, the election agent for Nigel
Farage MEP, has been Martyn Heale a former district organiser for the National Front.
Against that situation, the pretence of being strict when it comes to extremism, is devoid of
all credibility and moral content.

What fatuous political advice has Mr Farage been receiving of late! The electoral support for
UKIP comes disproportionately from the older population. That group often own property which is
liable to appropriation by their respective councils to pay for residential care in old age. In addition,
one in four of the over- forties are in receipt of significant financial aid from their elderly parents.
Unemployment, divorce, mortgages and school fees, are some of the reasons for this continuing
parental assistance. Once Nigel Farage assured the electorate that an American-style insurance
scheme would be necessary for NHS  medical treatment. UKIP’s election campaign ended at
that moment. It uniformly terminated all hope of significant electoral success. As one of his political
advisers, can we see Mr Croucher’s rebuttal of Mr Farage’s NHS policies.

In Mr Croucher’s presidential role at the Chartered Institute of Journalists, is he anticipating a membership
comprising of those journalists who are avidly right-wing, and sympathetic to the Institute’ £2.5 Million nest egg
 being used for those projects which he has historically been associated?  Or, to pay off his court fines with associated interest ?

Fabius Maximus.

A week is a very long time in politics

Thursday, 21 May 2015

A week is a very long time in politics


'A week is a long time in politics', as we were assured by Harold Wilson in the 1970's. Nigel Farage is living proof of Harold's experience. From being close to despairing only a few days ago, he is now anticipating another two decades of being UKIP's leader. What could be the reasons for this transformation?
UKIP's free lance journalist and political adviser, Mark Croucher, is poised to become the president of the Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIOJ).
Normally that would attract little attention, but this gentleman has a history of being an informer for Searchlight. A free press, while journalists are presided over by a Searchlight functionary, is a precarious balance. Caligula only suggested that he made his horse a consul: no suggestion that he made his chief jester the senior mourner in the castle.
Fabius Maximus.
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Mark Croucher of Ukip befouls The Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIoJ)

it does seem all too likely that the liar cheat and general low life Mark Croucher’s presence in the Chartered Institute of Journalists is likely to befoul their reputation, just as it did Ukip’s, whose name and lack of ethics he dragged through the Courts failing to honour their commitments.
That the CIoJ have announced he is to be their president in 2016 speaks volumes of the ethics and competence of that organisation and shows them to be all grandiose title but lacking in integrity.
Dear Reader,

January 1st 2016 will be an important day in the history of the Chartered Institute of Journalists
(CIOJ). With a royal charter to their credit, and assets currently in excesss of £2.5 million,
their new president in January 2016 will be Mark Croucher from UKIP.

This seems to suggest that the CIOJ will be decidedely left-wing, because Anthony Scolefield (UKIP) placed in the public domain that Mark Croucher, UKIP’s Communications Director (2001-2007), vetted on behalf of Searchlight all those who sought membership of UKIP. Presumably, the membership of CIOJ will soon be subject to the same scrutiny? Is this the kind of control which the National Union of Journalists complained about during the Leveson Inquiry? This must be the most direct form of political control that any journalist could be subjected to in a free society.

Having accepted this prestigious post, can it be assumed that the £8,000. costs awarded against Mr Croucher by the Cardiff County Court on March 18thth. 2010, have been paid in full? Clerical matters such as these must be addressed when fame beckons.

Fabius Maximus.
I was interested to note the above letter sent to me, indeed Ukip has failed to honour its very real debt to me of some £13,500 + interest since March 2010 to date of which Mark Croucher was ordered by the Court to pay £8,000 on which similar interest is due – neither have had the integrity to honour their debt.

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